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Q 1: Do I had a Past life?
Ans:  Yes,  of course. You might have many Past Lives.

Q 2: Is it possible that a male in this life may be a female in the previous life?
Ans:  Yes,  it is possible and this phenomenon have been seen quite often.

Q 3: Are my parents in this life were my parents in the last life too?
Ans:  It may or may not be. But they must have very close relation with you in the past  life, it is certain

Q 4: What is hypnosis?
Ans:  Hypnosis is a state similar to sleep but not exactly sleep, which is induced by suggestions. During sleep, you may loose your awareness. Whereas in Hypnosis your awareness remains intact.

Q 5: Is it true that only weak minded people can be hypnotised?
Ans:  No,  it is not true. Weak minded and non-responsive people can not reach the state of trance. You need to be average intelligent and responsive.

Q 6: What happens in case some one fails to come out of hypnotic state?
Ans:  It will never happen. You may move to the state of sleepiness slowly and will be awake after few minutes.

Q 7: Can every body be hypnotised?
Ans:   Every body can not be hypnotised due to certain reasons.  People under the influence of drugs, medication, intoxication, anxiety, worry,  extreme tension, abnormally low IQ,  suffering from mental disorder etc may not be hypnotised.

Q 8: Can a person who does not want to be hypnotised, be hypnotised?
Ans:   No. You can not be hypnotised against your will.

Q 9: Do I remember what I see during my session?
Ans:  Yes,  you do remember every thing after the session, which gives you real strength and new out look to present life.

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