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A Family curse, may cause Divorce or Break up.

Marriage is an important event of one’s life. Marriage is also the longest companionship. Hence it needs to be nurtured and cared selflessly. Divorce is an unfortunate end of a marriage, which should never come in one’s life. But at times it is seen that  in spite of our best efforts,  marital relations slips from our hand and we find ourselves just unable to preserve it and we land up in a  “Divorce”.  We keep blaming each other and failed to understand the exact reason. Many a times the reason of this separation lies somewhere else.

      On 26 Feb 2013, we treated a 26 years old married girl, who had visited Soulmates Hypnotherapy Centre for treatment of severe depression. The reason of her depression was divorce within merely one year of her marriage. It was indeed very sad, hence we decided to further analyze the reason. During her session,  we communicated with a spirit of a young lady, who was the daughter-in-law of the girl’s family four decades back and was tortured to death and who at the time of her death  had  cursed that ” all the daughters of this family will never have a happy married life”.  The curse was removed during the session. The girl is much happier now. This session was a really amazing and an eye opener .This once again confirms the theory of “Blessings” & “Curses”.

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